Masahiro demonstrating Kwan Yin Qigong in Belguim…

TaoZen 2017 Retreat at La Capitana…
“Dinner” — A little video about our retreat last year…

Return to Spring Qigong… from our 2017 Retreat
This is a beautiful Qigong originated by Li Jun Feng that Masahiro has taught for many years. Masahiro demonstrates the form… Recorded to help us continue our practice after we return home.

TaoZen 2014 Retreat in Rome’s Countryside
This is a lovely video made by Michiel Landeweerd at our T’ai Chi and meditation retreat last year.  It really conveys the feeling of our times together.

TAO RETREAT ROME from Michiel Landeweerd on Vimeo.

Tenshin Ranman Taichi
Masahiro demonstrates the form… At the beginning he is talking about the form in English, with a Japanese voiceover (so you may want to turn the sound down).

Inner Feng Shui Taichi / Taichi Chi Kung

…from Masahiro’s teaching DVD of this form.

Another Inner Feng Shui Taichi  Video
 (from class in Thailand)
Inner Feng Sui Taichi Feb 8 2012 from TaoZen on Vimeo.
Short Clip: Masahiro at Ananda in the Himalayas

Some movements from Tenshin Ranman Taichi…

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