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Do you feel stressed or unable to really relax?  Your mind either racing from one topic to another or obsessing over a situation so that you end up “living in it” either past episodes or future uncertainties.

Do you have body discomforts that have grown from occasional to continuous or chronic? Injuries or inflammations that should be gone, but aren’t healing? Or maybe for you it’s sleep—you can’t let go and sink into a deep sleep that allows you to be truly rested and energized in the morning.

Do you endure other imbalances that you can’t fix by yourself?  Low libido or fertility issues, burdensome PMS or period pain, anxiety about your sexuality or other issues you’re “just living with.”

Do you find yourself “hating on” your body or your life?  Held captive by some inner critic, you might not even remember when she showed up or where she came from, but you have a hard time silencing the undermining inner dialog that is “always on.”

Is nourishing yourself well a challenge?  Your digestion may be sluggish or sensitive; your blood sugar levels are out of whack.  Reflux or IBS aren’t going away on their own.  Or maybe you know you need to take better care of yourself, but you just don’t do it.

Or maybe it’s more mind than body: you feel a longing for something? Perhaps the lack is vague, or maybe you feel a need for more connection than you have: with a partner, a community or spirit.

I know from my 20 years of practice and 10 years of teaching that (as contemporary as all these issues are) they can be deeply shifted by the ancient Chinese energy practices of Qigong and traditional mentoring that is integral to Tao healing and teaching. 

There’s a reason people have been doing it for centuries… and a reason I’ve dedicated my life to sharing it as widely as I can:  It’s simple, easy and powerful.

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