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January 11, 2019

The beginning of the Year of the Earth Pig is coming up on February 5!  We’ll send more about the Chinese Astrology of the Earth Pig soon.  In the meantime, We’ll share some other images and myths of Pigs around the world.  This time:  Hawaii and Norse pigs:


In Hawaiian mythology,  Kamapuaʻa (“hog child”) is a hog-man fertility superhuman associated with Lono, the god of agriculture. The son of Hina and Kahikiula, the chief of Oahu, Kamapuaʻa was particularly connected with the island of Maui.

A kupua (demigod), Kamapuaʻa is best known for his romantic pursuit of the fire goddess Pele, with whom he shared a turbulent relationship. Despite Pele’s power, Kamapuaʻa’s persistence allows him to turn her lava rock into fertile soil.

Lilikalā Kameʻeleihiwa describes him as “defiant of all authority, bold and untamed, he recalls the pig nature that is dormant in most people….Treacherous and tender, he thirsts after the good things in life–adventure, love, and sensual pleasure….”


Hildisvíni is Freyja’s boar In Norse mythology.  The story of Hildisvíni appears in Hyndluljóð, an Old Norse poem. In the poem, Freyja is searching for the ancestry of her protégé, Óttar.  Freyja rides on her boar Hildisvíni, who is in fact Óttar in disguise. They meet the seer, Hyndla, and Freyja forces Hyndla to tell Óttar about his ancestors.

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