TaoZen Annual Retreat 2020

Our 2020 Annual Retreat – Online this year.

During this time of change and difficulty, we continue to try our best to offer support and community.  Given the probable continuation of travel restrictions into the fall, we have cancelled our beloved Annual Retreat in Tuscany… We hope and commit to holding it in 2021!  Not only because we love doing it, but because that will mean that we have returned to more health and ease in our lives in general.

Connecting More Deeply to Others and Ourselves and Freeing Ourselves
TaoZen Annual Retreat 2020 ~
September 27 – October 3 
7 Days ~ Mornings & Evenings 

We will “meet” on line twice each day:  5:30 – 6:30 and 20:30- 21:30 (TokyoTime)
You have the option of registering for “morning time” “evening time” or both




We decided to cancel our annual Toscana Retreat this year, but we didn’t want to cancel our annual time together.  So we are organizing a different kind of gathering using Zoom and the internet to create a unique retreat connecting our friends from over the world.

Our intention has been always to create intimate group journey during the retreat and share practices, wisdom and love. This year, especially, we need to do this. So, we are flowing with this time and creating a different way for us to spend time together.

Over the 7 days, Masahiro will open and close the day by sharing some “TaoZen talk” and guide Nine Steps of Lotus Meditation, with each day’s practice adding to the previous day.

We will from a private Facebook group so that everyone attending can stay connected and share together during the week… We encourage you to post photos, music, art, thoughts or anything from your heart to the group.

Rossana, our favorite chef… has promised to send daily Italian recipe and photo. Though we cannot digitize her wonderful food, we can try some of her recipes at home (and post those photos to the group too!).

Daily Dream Practice Message… The wonderful part of this is that we can come together from everywhere… the challenge is we are all on different schedules, so its not possible to take our naps at the same time in the afternoon like we usually do… But we will still nap!  And Masahiro will share a “Napping Encouragement” for us so we can make a ‘virtual group nap.’

We will also enjoy:
~Daily message from Masahiro from Japan
~Daily message/Image from Miranda from New York
~And more fun surprises…

September 27th through October 3rd 

We will “meet” on line twice each day:  5:30 – 6:30 and 20:30- 21:30 (Japan Time)
You have the option of registering for “morning time” “evening time” or both.

Here’s a link to a Time Zone Converter to check the time for you:

Once a Day for 7 Days (morning or evening):
€125  /  $140  /  ¥16,000
Twice a Day for 7 Days (both morning and evening):
€200  /  $225  /  ¥25,000

Register using this link, indicating your preferred currency and we will generate an email invoice for you.  Your invoice will contain your initial information but will be followed with more information and materials once we near the beginning of the retreat.