Italy Retreat 2019–Info Request

Thank you for filling out the contact form below so we can take our next steps in organizing our Retreat…

FIRST:  Your Travel plans to Arrive at La Capitana villa…

Most of us will travel to Grosseto via train and join one of the Vans (we will arrange) to the villa.

GROUP TRAVELING TOGETHER ON TRAIN: ROME to GROSSETO: Masahiro & Miranda will take a group from Roma Termini Station.  This group will gather at 10:45am.  We will purchase tickets as a group so we can sit together.

LUNCH TOGETHER IN GROSSETO: We will make a reservation in Grosseto to have a special lunch before taking vans out to the Villa.  If you come with the group or will arrive in Grosseto by about 1:30, please join us! (This will be a special fixed price lunch.  The cost may be between €20-35).

ARRIVING SEPARATELY, BUT STILL NEEDING VAN RIDE FROM GROSSETO:  Cost of Van is €60-80 divided by number of riders (depending on size of van).  The vans after lunch will be filled, but if you arrive at a later time, the van may not be filled.  We try to bunch people together to reduce your fee, but be aware that if no one else arrives when you do, you may be carrying the entire fee (Taxis are about €60 also).

DRIVING, OR NEEDING LONG-DISTANCE VAN TRANSPORT FROM ANOTHER CITY: If you will be driving to La Capitana, please let us know that below.  If you will be arriving at an airport, such as Pisa or Firenze and wish transportation from there, this may be possible.  The fees range from €300-500, shared if you share the ride.

SECOND:  Food & Diet Information:

THIRD:  Healing Love Tools:

We will be covering Jade Egg Practice for Women and Hanging Practice for Men.  If you have your own Yoni Egg or your own length of Silk Cloth, please bring them.  If you would like to purchase either of these, please request them below.  Note that we will only bring what is requested, so please request them now.




We can bring silk cloths for your Seminal Kung Fu hanging practice, but will need your request as soon as possible.  The size is 11×60″ / 28x152cm.  The cost is €18, which can be paid at the retreat. If you wish to order one, you must reply asap to be included in the order (which will be called in Tuesday 15 September!