Special TaoZen Community Offering

Special Offering Page for Our TaoZen Friends

For Every Retreat we try to Offer
“Early Registration Reductions”

We will update this page as we move closer to each Retreat…
Read Below for current and upcoming Offerings


2019 Thailand Retreat~

If you can register and submit your tuition payment by DECEMBER 1 2018, we can offer you a 10% reduction on the Tuition and your Accommodations at Tao Garden.

If you can register by December 31, we can still offer a reduction of 5%.

SO IMPORTANT!  You must register directly with TAOZEN, not with TAO GARDEN.  They will be confused and if you pay them, it’s not possible to receive any refund.  So if you are even considering attending… please contact us first.  We will guide you.

Email Miranda@TaoZenLife.info or:


2019 Italy Retreat~

Stay tuned for the details of our Early Registration Reductions for our Retreat in Tuscany ~ September 29-October 5…

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