Special TaoZen Community Offering

Special Offering Page for Our Email List

Because of Masahiro’s European Workshops,
we are Extending this offer until July 20, 2017 

All about the Heart:
Breathe Deep, with True Smile and Big Heart

Because it helps us so much to know for certain who is joining us at the Retreat as early as possible, we try to return the favor by offering you much lower fees if you can register and commit early.  If you can register and forward either the full amount or the first of 3 installment payments by June 20, we can offer you significant reductions.  This offer is only being sent to our Email Newsletter list — However we encourage you to share this offer with friends and family (plus, our retreats are even more fun when you come with friends!).

Message from Masahiro:

Contemporary life seems busier and busier and more and more demanding.  Information is getting faster and more complicated. Development of technology and business is getting faster and reaching all of us globally. Time itself seems to move faster too.  With all of this, Humans are becoming more separated from each other and from nature.  Are we really coping with this accelerated pace? Can humans and the Earth deal with this?

So it is especially important to reconnect with ourselves… with our friends and family… with our society and with our past and future… To share our True Smile and Big Heart. This sharing should also be global, colorful and full of compassion. 



You can see the full description of what we have planned on the Retreat page:


But here is a summary of our focus and practices for this year:

We will start our mornings with TaoYin and meditation on the lawn with an amazing 360 degree view of Mediterranean Sea and Tuscan Wine Country outside our private villa. Mornings are often surrounded by morning mist as the sun climbs in the sky.

We will learn and practice TaoZen Meditation, Breathing and Qigong through the day.  This year we will spend more time practicing and contemplating together rather than just learning the steps of a method.  We will be focusing on:

-Deepening Inner Smile and Healing Sounds
-Second Dantien Meditation, called Greater Kan & Li
-Heart Chakra, Anahata Chakra meditation

-TaoZen basic Breathing
-Second Dantien Breathing

Qigong (Moving Meditation): 
-Kuan Yin Qigong
-Morning TaoYin

We will also do Dream Practice and have a one-day Silence Practice.

Italy Retreat 2017 ~ TaoZen Friends Offering:

Single Rooms are all booked — you may request to be on the waiting list and register for a Double… We will let you know if any become available near departure time.

June Offer Early Bird Final Fees
Single – Own Bath 920 950 1000
Double – Own Bath 715 750 800
Double – Shared 665 700 750
Triple/Dormitory 490 500 520
Tuition 600 650 700

Payments via Paypal Invoice: We will send Paypal invoices to you that can be paid with your card~ no Paypal account is needed.

Single Payment or 3 Payments:  Like last year, we are able to offer registration with 3 payments if this is helpful to you.  The first payment would be paid at registration to hold your place.  The second payment would be due around July 15, the third around August 15.  Note that we must add an additional 3% convenience fee to the above amounts for the 3 payment option.